WordPress Hosting

Entreprise WordPresspackages with automatic scaling and optimized performance, maximized uptime and high availability across geo-distributed regions.

Kubernetes Hosting

Automatic installation, scaling and updates of elastic Kubernetes clusters with pay-per-use pricing model and multi-cloud availability with single point of management

Database Clusters

SQL & NoSQL database auto-clustering with out-of-box vertical and horizontal scaling, different replication and data synchronization schemes within intuitive UI

Turnkey Multi-Region PaaS

Simplify Cloud Infrastructure Management

  • Fast and easy provisioning of containers, clusters & environments
  • Zero code change deploy of traditional & cloud-native applications
  • Automatic vertical & horizontal scaling with tunable load alerts
  • Unified management via intuitive UI, SSH access, CLI and API

Ensure High Availability & Performance

  • Built-in auto-clustering for databases and application servers
  • Load balancing with different traffic distribution algorithms
  • DevOps Automation, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)
  • Multi-cloud and multi-region deployment with full interoperability

Optimize Cost and Resource Consumption

  • Eliminated right-sizing problem with container virtualization
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing based on real consumption in public cloud
  • Revenue sharing model for hosting and cloud service providers
  • License based pricing for private, hybrid and multi-cloud setups

Anything-as-a-Service Running in the Cloud

Service providers, software vendors and digital agencies can offer end-customers digital transformation and a variety of cloud services out-of-box using Jelastic PaaS.

This cloud platform is designed for speeding up development, reducing cost, eliminating complexity of application and infrastructure management, improving uptime and cyber security.

Powerful Control Panel for Developers

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